We offer a variety of services at Bluebird Studio from helping the DIYer get started with the big picture to focusing on the smaller details.We're also able to tackle projects outside of the residential realm.Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out and let’s see what we can do!

Discovery Visit

After our initial meet on the phone, this visit is with me at the project site (or virtual walk-through), up to 2 hrs.

This is where we truly get to know each other, I get to look at the space and get a sense of who you are. This step is incredibly valuable so I can tailor your space for YOU. I charge for this consultation for every project because I want to provide you with valuable design help, without holding back my best design advice and ideas right off the bat.

For information on our full process, check out our Process + Expectations


Stuck on where to start? I will provide a board with inspiration imagery and a color palette to set you up. This is perfect for those who are DIYers or want a little more of their own design journey.

$100/ Room

This includes the large surfaces like cabinets, countertops, flooring and wall finish. Depending on the room, we will also add in some details like hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

$200/ Room

We’re going all the way on this and add in furniture and decor. I will help fill the gaps and source new items to complete the look. 

$200/ Room

This service is for new construction and major renovations. I will work with you, your builder or your architect to create your dream space.

$100/ Hour

Can’t find what you’re looking for with our regular packages? I offer custom design services and help of various types. This includes such things as hitting the stores with me to select furniture and decor together. I can also come in to personally place each item in its new home. Reach out and let’s see what we can do!

$100/ hour